New In The Shop!

Hello all lovelies!

I have a few new, gorgeous items in my SHOP this week!
I am doing something a little different this time. I added a few vintage pieces to my handmade items. Vintaging is just one more passion of mine. And though it seems like everyone is doing it these days, I wanted to join in the fun as well!
I am hoping that by bringing some vintage clothes into my shop, I will be able to get a little more traffic there and by pairing some of the items with my handmade accessories, I will help people have an idea of how to wear them. :)

The other day I went to a thrift store and came home with 3 bursting bags of adorable dresses!

Oh how I love going thrifting! Leave me there for an entire day and it will not be enough!
I was in such a great mood the rest of the week and all because of one successful shopping/treasure hunting day! What else does a girl need?? Not much! Not much at all! :)

Though it was hard to part with my new found treasures, I kept only a few pieces for my self. I promised my self that I will just trade in a few of my old pieces and put them in the shop in exchange for the new ones. Haven't found any I want to trade in yet. :^" (whistling smiley)

I already made one more trip to the thrift store this week and a pretty successful one as well!
Except this time I went there for some knitting thread and came home with all this! :)
There was also one particular item that made me let out a loud gasp in the middle of the store, when I saw it there, hanging amongst the dull and raggedy scarves.
This is a vintage Peking Handicrafts Inc - Annie, authentic, detachable collar! 
Better believe I took it home! :)
Have been wearing it all day! I have plans for it tomorrow and all through next week as well!!
Happy!! :D

I hope your day is full of found treasures and happiness!
Thanks for stopping by!
Here's a link to my DearDemure on Etsy!

<3 ~inna~

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  1. Hi Inna!
    Great vintage finds - you've inspired me to do a little vintage shopping as well! The vintage detachable collar is beautiful! wow.



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