Smokey Cat Eyes Tutorial

Hello lovelies! :)

Today I have an eye makeup tutorial for you. I've gotten a lot of compliments on this particular eye makeup and had lots of ladies ask me to make a tutorial.

Well, here it is! Finally! :)

Keep in mind, I have skipped the boring part, so you don't have to watch me apply foundation and concealer to my face and eyes. So lets just get to the fun part!

You will need a brush and two shades.
One, a Pearly White (or any kind of Shimmery White) and a dark shade. I have done this with gray, charcoal black, dark blue, purple, brown, and now this Dark Plum shade, so pick your favorite dark shade and go with it.

Before you get started here is what we will be trying to achieve with the dark shade.
We want the shape of the shadow to be exactly like this, with the inner corner of the eye having the biggest arch and the outer corner having the "cat eye" sharp corner.

Here is how that is done. 

With your dark shade first, start at the inner corner of your eye, make a high arch and pull the shadow down from there to the outer corned of the eye. Go a little past the outer corner and stop.
Then turn your brush at an angle and at the very outer corner of your eye, sweep up and away to connect your lines and make the sharp corner of your "cat eye" like this.
Now, start filling in the rest of the eye lid but make sure to leave the area right above your lash line bare like the middle picture bellow. Next, sweep some shadow on the bottom lid, right under the lashes. Go light on the bottom lid. You only need a hint of color there.

Now, you will get your contrasting shade (pearly white/shimmery white) and sweep it across your lash line, from corner to corner, and carefully blend it into the darker shade so the transition is subtle.

Next you need a Q-tip, (or a sponge, or you can even use your finger) you will blend the eye shadow on the edges all around the eye (top and bottom lid).
After blending the eye shadow you will get your pearl white/shimmery white shade again and make a few finishing sweeps with it.
Sweep some on the brow bone (neatly, blend it into the dark shade). Then, sweep some right under your "cat eye" corner.

And last, you will curl your lashes and apply mascara.
And you're done!
It's that fast and easy! :)
Let me know what you think and if you have tried this.
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So super excited every time! :)

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love and sweets!


  1. gorges..love it. wanna try it for work

  2. I wish I had eyes like yours so that I could do this! My eyes are so mixed that there aren't many tutorials on how to do mixed asian eyes, I can't do much with mine.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  3. Oh I so need tutorials like this! I can never remember how to do eye-makeup the right way and I always tend to stick to super light or shimmery nude colors. THANKS Inna!! I will have to try this for sure! You are sooo pretty!! :) Love- Kate

  4. You are gorgeous. @@;; And I'm definitely trying this sometime! It looks amazing. :)

  5. im going to give this a try one of these days...but somehow i don't really think it's gonna work on me. it just looks so easy to do, but i think you were born with some special skill in applying make up...
    i'll send you a phone pic, lol... by "one of these days" i meant "now"...


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