My Fall Spin On A Graham Cracker No-Bake-Cake

Hey guys!
Here's a fun cake you can get the whole family involved in making because it's kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle!
*You'll see what I mean as I continue.

Let's just get to it then!

What You Will Need:

2 Boxes of Graham Crackers
1/2 of the Fat Free Whipped Topping - 8oz container
1/2 of the Nestle La Lechera -13 oz can
1/2 Stick of Unsalted Butter (Softened)
2 tbsp Milk of Choice
2 tbsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

*You can make this cake right on a cake stand or a serving tray.

First you will mix your cake filling.
In a large mixing bowl combine 1/2 of the 8oz container of the Fat Free Whipped Topping, 1/2 of the 13oz can of Nestle La Lechera, 1/2 of softened stick of butter, 2 tablespoons of milk and 2 tablespoons of Pumpkin Pie Spice. Use a mixer to mix all of the ingredients together.

Work on the first layer of the cake. 
You will lay out your crackers on a tray or cake stand in the best fitting square or rectangle possible.

I had to adjust some of the crackers by cutting them in half or even in 4ths, to be able to tuck them in and form a perfect square.
*This is where you can get your family involved in figuring out how to arrange the first layer of your fun little jigsaw puzzle. :)

Now that your first layer is laid out, you will carefully spread on the cake filling.
*This will be the most difficult part of putting this cake together because the crackers will move around on the tray if they are not held in place while spreading the filling on.

Now you will arrange your second cake layer. 
This time you will need to arrange all the crackers differently then you did the first layer. 
*You don't want to end up making a bunch of individual little cakes, so come up with a new arrangement for the 2nd layer.

Next, spread on the filling again and then pile on the crackers again.
This layer can be exactly like the first layer and the next layer can be exactly like layer #2.
You are just going to alternate between layer 1 and 2 all the way till you are happy with the height of your cake.
*Keep in mind, this recipe is for a 6 layer cake and it took me 1 box and a half of the Graham Crackers to reach that height.
Also, you will need to put aside at least 5 to 7 crackers for the crushed topping that I will talk about next.

When you reach your desired height you will spread the cake filling on the top layer and on all of the sides as well.

Crushed topping for the cake.
Grab 5 to 7 crackers and crush them on a cutting board with a roller or put the crackers into a ziplock bag and roll a mug over the bag.

You will sprinkle the crushed crackers all over the cake (top and all sides) and then tap the crushed topping into the filling and you are finished!

The bad news: You won't be able to cut your self a piece just yet.
The cake will need to stand for at least 2 hours so that the filling absorbs into the graham cracker layers. Womp womp! :^(

But all good things are worth waiting for!!!

I hope you enjoy making the cake and eating it too!! :)


Fall Wreath DIY :)

Hi guys!
It's Fall! It's Fall!! Only my favorite season of all! :)
I get into a major creative mood in the Fall for which I am thankful, because lately I started to feel like I have burnet out on my blogging a little.
With that said, here's my recent DIY holiday creation, inspiration!

I made this wreath yesterday, and it cost me a total of $13 in supplies at Joann's fabric, with one 40% Off One Item coupon. :)

Here is my pile of supplies.

You can get creative and arrange these in any way you'd like. I started with the Palm Tree Fiber.
I divided it in two sections. One section for wrapping around, and one thinner section for the finishing bow.

I started by securing the Palm Tree Fiber at one end of the green foam wreath and loosely wrapped them all the way around. *Tape and staples work alright in this case but a glue gun would have been better.

Next, I took apart all my plants off of their branches as I will stick them in piece by piece.

The brown plants would go in first, stem by stem all around the entire wreath.
*I pierced the wreath all the way through with each stem. The piece that stuck out of the back of the wreath, I bent it over the piece that was on the front and then stuck the remaining tip into the foam. This  secured the piece in it's place.

Here is an idea of what it would look like when you have gone all the way around the wreath.

Next, I stuck my acorns and acorn leaves in a few spots around the wreath, arranging them in groups of  2, 3 or 4.
Then, followed with the golden pears and orange leaves, nicely arranging them around the wreath.
*I pierced the wreath all the way through with those as well and what tip remained I bent under so it doesn't stick out and scratch the door when hanging.

At this point all my stuff was perfectly arranged and stuck in place and I was almost finished.

Remember that strand of Palm Tree Fiber you left over for a bow? This is the part where we will use it!

Comb through the strand and arrange each Fiber to be approximately the same length with the rest.

Pull one end of the bunch through the hole of your wreath and let the wreath hang down from the Palm Tree Fiber. Even out the length of both of the ends of your Fiber strand and tie a double knot as close to the wreaths edge as possible.

Next, you will knot it twice again but this time about 2 1/2 to 3 inches above the first double knot.

The last thing you will do is tie a pretty bow right on top of your last knot, and trim the edges of the bow to be even.

And now you are all done and ready to display it for all the neighbors to envy!

Oh, if only they knew that you made it all by your self! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Fall Wreath!



Well, what do you know, I have been suffering from a sweet tooth on an almost daily basis now days!
The wows of pregnancy...
As excited as I am about this new adventure of loving me some sweets first thing in the morning, noon, and evening, it is a bit of a challenge to satisfy my sweet-tooth in a most healthy and nutritional way possible.

If you know me, you know that I love a challenge, especially when it comes to messing around in the kitchen. I have been crafting some yummy, nutritional recipes lately and wanted to share one of my favorites.

These Flourless Chocolate Chocolate-Chunk Cookies have been satisfying us for about 4 weeks in a row now. :)

What You Will Need:

-  1 cup Rolled Oats
-  1/4 cup Cacao Powder
-  1/4 tsp Baking Soda
-  1 tsp Crushed Sea Salt (or 1/4 tsp normal Salt)
-  1/2 cup Chopped Dates
-  2 tbsp Raw Honey (+ 1 tbsp Brown Sugar if you like it real sweet)
-  1 tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)
-  3 tbsp Dark Chocolate Chunks
-  1-3 tbsp Almond Milk (or milk of choice)

- I threw my cup of Rolled Oats and 1/2 cup Chopped Dates into a Food Processor to get them blended together and also crushed to make flour like texture.
- While it is still in the Food Processor, I added Cacao Powder, Baking Soda and Salt to the mixture and blended it.
- Next I transferred the mixture into a mixing bowl and added Raw Honey and melted Coconut Oil to the mixture and used a fork to fold those in. Continue to mix until the Honey and Oil are evenly mixed in and the mixture is crumbly and somewhat resembles... coarse crumbs?
- Now you will mix in your Dark Chocolate Chunks followed by just 1 TABLESPOON of milk.
If your mixture is still too crumbly versus sticky like a cookie dough, pour in portions of the 2nd and if needed 3rd tablespoon and mix till you have achieved your perfect cookie dough texture.

Get Your Cookie Sheet Ready:
Instead of smothering it with oil or butter, lard or grease, get your cacao powder and sprinkle a thin layer of it on the cookie sheet. This will create a non-sticky barrier between your cookies and the pan.

Roll the dough into 2" balls, flatten them a little on the cookie sheet and bake on 375 for 8 minutes.
Cool for a few minutes (if you have the patience) and devour!

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