A "lill sumfin" FOR MY FOLLOWERS!!

I don't think I was clear enough to catch peoples attention with this post.
So here is the heart of the post:

I wanted to add a little sparkle to your Valentines day by providing you, my dear followers with a 15% off Coupon Code to my online store!

The Coupon Code is: YOUARELOVELY

Because you are lovely! :)

(Coupon expires February 15th)

There are only 7 days left till Valentines day!
Now, I know first hand that for a lot of people this day is just another reminder of the gnawing loneliness.
I was alone for all Valentines days until I finally met my husband and that was a total of 25 years of lonely, chocolate-less, flower-less, teddybare-less Valentines days!

Don't loose heart loves!
Treat your self to something special! Treat your loved friends to something special, make a party to celebrate love! This days is not about romantic relationships it's about LOVE and love is all around you!

Here is my Shop-mini.
Click on each picture from here or go to the store.
(there are a few more items in the store that didn't fit into this shop-mini.)


P.S. please let me know if the coupon code doesn't work. It's my first time making one, hoping i did it right. :)

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