Paper Bouquet

What are you doing New Years Eve?
We are having a party!!!
I love our parties and our friends!
I've been prepping since before Christmas and baking since yesterday.
Our little Country home is going to be transformed into a night out of a fairy tale. I'm so excited!!
I have a few decorations i've picked up to spice up the atmosphere of the Eve, and one that I have whipped up with my own busy fingers.

<~ This is my Paper Bouquet.

It was SO FUN and easy making it and I wanted to show you how. :)

Keep in mind, as I made a few paper flowers, my creative juices started flowing and I ended up pulling out my fabric swatches and glue-gunning my self into an oblivion.
You can use construction paper or scrap-booking paper instead of spending your evening gluing pieces of fabric on to paper like me.
But I like a challenge and working with what I already have in the house. :)

What you will need:

* News paper or Construction paper or Scrap-booking paper
* Glue Gun + glue sticks!
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Bamboo skewers (I find a lot of use for these!)

Cut out 5" by 5" squares of paper for the flower and draw a crooked swirl on each square and follow the line while cutting.

When you get close to the end of the swirl, stop cutting. You will need to leave a circle at the end. You will be gluing the pedestals on that circle.

Next, you will start at the outer edge of your swirl and roll it toward the center circle. 
(Leave the circle un rolled.)

Now let go of the swirls and let the flower open up naturally. 

Now apply glue all over the flat circle on the bottom of your swirl and glue the pedestals on top of it.

Make sure all the pedestals got on the glue and gently press and pat the bottom
...so apparently paper really dries my hands... :-I

Cut a leaf shape with one flat side.

You will make a fold on the bottom of the leaf. This will give your leaf some three-dimensionality. 

Now, glue the fold together.

And there you have it. Your flower and leaves are ready!

Next is the stem: 
Cut a skinny and long strip of paper and get your bamboo skewer.

Put a little glue on to the very tip of the skewer and start wrapping your strip of paper around.
Wrap all the way down to cover the entire skewer.

Assemble all:
You will poke a hole in each leaf and gently pull it down to about half way down the stick. Apply a little dab of glue to freeze the leaf in place.

Next, poke a tiny hole on the bottom of the flower, add a little glue into the hole and stick the top of the stick into the flower. Look into the flower to make sure the stick isn't poking out too far. Hide it in the pedestals and you're done with your first flower.

Keep going and get creative with it!

P.S. My beautiful vase is a recycled pickle jar! ;-)




  1. Found this on pinterest. Absolutely beautiful and great photography to boot! Can't wait to do this one myself. :)


    1. Thanks Kimberly! :)
      I'm glad you stopped by!

  2. Wow, this looks good and I think I will become a member of your blog. I love new ideas.


    1. yeey! :)
      Thank you for following!!

  3. What a great idea I have always wondered how to make these blooms will be great for my scrapbooking thank you. Maybe you see some next time you check my blog on http://dawntheconstantcrafter.blogspot.com/

    1. What a great idea! never thought about scrapbooking those...
      A friend of mine is making these for her wedding, for the bridesmaids to cary! :)

  4. This is lovely. I am adding it to my list of art everyday inspiration list.

  5. Wow... nagyon szép, köszönöm, hogy feltetted.

    1. Köszönjük, hogy ellátogatott! :))

  6. awesome. Love these gorgeous flowers.


  7. Hermoso trabajo de reciclado. Te invito a que conozcas el mío que también trata de aprovechar todo y sacar nuevos trabajos.
    Saludos desde España...
    ahh..y me tienes de seguidora.

  8. can't wait to try this one...looks easy...simple tutorial..:)

  9. I love paper flowers! They look nice and the best part about them is that you don't have to water them!

  10. I'm doing this for my mom for Mother's Day, and I'm loving the results. It's easy and fast, but the flowers look really cute. I chose to use magazine paper to get some crazy bright colors, and that looks pretty good too! And I made the waves around mine a little pointier so they look a bit more like rose petals. Great suggestion.


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