Dear Demure on Etsy!

Hello loves!
Can you believe Christmas is in less than 5 days!?
Ah! How exciting it's been for me already! Actually it might have been the most exciting and busy Christmas yet!

Other than the holiday "hustle and bustle", I also launched my Etsy shop!
I launched it a little more than a week ago now, and sold a few items already!

Since then I've been working away in my shop on more items.
This time around I have been knitting and crocheting nonstop. In fact, every time the Old Navy "Grandmabot" commercial comes on my hubby laughs and says that's pretty much me right now. hah! Pretty much!

My plan is to periodically load new items on to my store as I make them.
So check DearDemure on Etsy often!

"God is with us!" 

Well, have a very Merry Christmas guys!
Enjoy every moment of it from the lights to the traditions!
One of mine and Nathan's favorite Christmas traditions is to let each other open the smallest present under the tree days before, as a little preview of what's to come. :)
But it's not the gifts that make this Christmas very dear to me.
I've never really understood why people said "God is with us" around Christmas, until I got to experience and truly understand that last week. It has been life changing!
God is with us and in a very real and tangible way!

"Wise men still seek him."

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  1. Inna - I just wandered over here from facebook! :) You are soo sweet! I am so excited for you that you opened an etsy store! I will go check it out. I too have one and it involves crochet items, so when I get back to Nashville, we should crochet together! Be Blessed this Christmas! I am so thankful to have met you! I can't wait to get to know you better! - Kate


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