New Hair Tutorial!

Hello all ladies!
If your hair length is past your shoulder then today's posting is for you!

I love feeling "brand new" and how I achieve that feeling is by changing something about my self. I am not daring enough to do something drastic like, get a tattoo or shave my head (shout out to Britt) but little, subtle changes do the trick for me. I crave a change almost on a weekly basis. I know, i'm getting out of hand!

I feel brand new when I change up my hair or change how I do my makeup.
About a month ago or so I was sitting in front of my mirror picking at my hair and came up with this interesting hairstyle which I though needs to be shared because it's so trendy and unique!!
To recreate this hair, first of all keep in mind, I have a buzzed, left sideburn, (that's as far as I will ever go with a buzzer) so when you do this hairstyle, your left side will have a little more hair that will cover more of your cheek and ear.
I always ware my hair wavy, mostly because it makes me feel like I have thicker, fuller hair, which i LOVE. So you might want to curl your hair before you proceed with this style.
However, you do not need to curl your hair for this style.

Here is a video tutorial.

Click HERE to watch it in Youtube.

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  1. Oh I love it!!! I am going to try this hair style tomorrow! P.S. I got a part time job working at a local boutique here in town. I think it would be perfect for some of your items!! I'll have to chat with you more about it next time I see you!! Love your blog - NEW follower right here! :) -Kate

    1. I'm very interested in this boutique you're working at!! :)
      We're going to need to talk about it for sure!


  2. very cute!!! looks simple too.

  3. You are So adorable Inna, you have to do my hair sometime :o) I will have to try this one.

    1. I would love to do your luscious locks any day! So just let me know!

  4. so cute! you always have great looking hair!

  5. I LOVE this! I crave change on a weekly basis too. However i'm usually too lazy to do anything about it, LOL!

    Happy Sunday!

  6. hi.
    i tried it with ma herrs! look sooor cayute!!!! (no but seriously! cute inka!)

    1. Yey!!
      I can't believe your hair is so long!!
      :) Thanks friendie!

  7. you have awesome hair and this look is really cute :)


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