Thank Goodness For Thanksgiving!!

Well, one of my most favorite holidays came and went. 
Originally, we planned to stay home and have a family gathering but 2 days before the holiday we all got invited to come visit some relatives that were staying in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains! 
A real dream of a Thanksgiving!! 
The drive was a little over 3 hours long and Nathan and i got to come a day early and spend an evening, a night and a whole day there! The weather was so amazing! It was so breathtakingly beautiful there that i had a really hard time not photographing every minute of it! As I say that, i realize that i'm going to have to hold back on a whole lot of photos. Well, we'll see how much i can squeeze in here. :)

All of the ladies together.
These are my favorite girls, my sisters and cousins (in-law) and Ivan (brother in-law) is behind my camera. 

My sweetie pie and i (shot by Ivan on his amazing camera)

The big brother and his baby sister Jaquelyn. 
Check her out! ~> on YouTube
My beauties, Lauren and Kathryn.

My favorite Kiersten ever. :)

The brothers.                                                            The cuties.

From the porch of our cabin.

Fun was had and great memories made!! :)
Now to start the count down to Christmas!!!



  1. Cute!!! Thanks for sharing, i love reading your things <3

  2. so beautiful!!
    love your dress, too stinkin cute :)


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