Fall Wreath DIY :)

Hi guys!
It's Fall! It's Fall!! Only my favorite season of all! :)
I get into a major creative mood in the Fall for which I am thankful, because lately I started to feel like I have burnet out on my blogging a little.
With that said, here's my recent DIY holiday creation, inspiration!

I made this wreath yesterday, and it cost me a total of $13 in supplies at Joann's fabric, with one 40% Off One Item coupon. :)

Here is my pile of supplies.

You can get creative and arrange these in any way you'd like. I started with the Palm Tree Fiber.
I divided it in two sections. One section for wrapping around, and one thinner section for the finishing bow.

I started by securing the Palm Tree Fiber at one end of the green foam wreath and loosely wrapped them all the way around. *Tape and staples work alright in this case but a glue gun would have been better.

Next, I took apart all my plants off of their branches as I will stick them in piece by piece.

The brown plants would go in first, stem by stem all around the entire wreath.
*I pierced the wreath all the way through with each stem. The piece that stuck out of the back of the wreath, I bent it over the piece that was on the front and then stuck the remaining tip into the foam. This  secured the piece in it's place.

Here is an idea of what it would look like when you have gone all the way around the wreath.

Next, I stuck my acorns and acorn leaves in a few spots around the wreath, arranging them in groups of  2, 3 or 4.
Then, followed with the golden pears and orange leaves, nicely arranging them around the wreath.
*I pierced the wreath all the way through with those as well and what tip remained I bent under so it doesn't stick out and scratch the door when hanging.

At this point all my stuff was perfectly arranged and stuck in place and I was almost finished.

Remember that strand of Palm Tree Fiber you left over for a bow? This is the part where we will use it!

Comb through the strand and arrange each Fiber to be approximately the same length with the rest.

Pull one end of the bunch through the hole of your wreath and let the wreath hang down from the Palm Tree Fiber. Even out the length of both of the ends of your Fiber strand and tie a double knot as close to the wreaths edge as possible.

Next, you will knot it twice again but this time about 2 1/2 to 3 inches above the first double knot.

The last thing you will do is tie a pretty bow right on top of your last knot, and trim the edges of the bow to be even.

And now you are all done and ready to display it for all the neighbors to envy!

Oh, if only they knew that you made it all by your self! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Fall Wreath!


  1. Sooo awesome!! I Love it!!!

  2. This is absolutely fab love the idea of a wreath for Autumn If I have the time I might make a Halloween one, trouble is got so much to do (ALL Catch UP)Well had the flu jab and I got a cold as a consequence made me ill for days so much for not getting sick. Never mind getting better now

  3. So cute! And you made it look so easy!

    1. Thanks!
      it was pretty easy actually!
      I just wasn't up for a challenge. haha!


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