Henna Tattoo How-To.

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by to see my creativity for the day! :)

Today i decided to give my self a henna tattoo.
I have done some before, with henna powder, by mixing it my self and painting it on with a teeny paint brush. This time around, a nice Indian man at the register of our International Market (at the Farmers Market here in Nashville, TN) told me about an easier way! This one is a "Henna Cone"!
It is a premixed, ready to paint henna in an easy to use and mess-free cone.
If you are not as lucky to live conveniently close to an Indian/International store 
that carries henna cones, then i found you a place where you can get it for a really good price
(I got mine for a little under $3. Nice!)
Also, there is no way you will use up the whole cone at one time... 
unless you are doing your whole body and you are a larger person.

Here is a closer shot of the cone just so you can see it better. 
(For an even closer view click on the picture.)

Well, lets get started then! 
(Make sure that the part of the body you will tattoo is free of lotion or other oily products.)

Here are the things you will need:
Paper-towel, scissors, a wet paper-towel and of course the cone!

Carefully snip the very tip of the cone. 

MAKE SURE that you snip as little as possible and test to see if it will come out. 
You do not want it to have a large exit hole!
You want to be able to make delicate lines, therefore cut as little off the tip as you can and squeeze. (The mixture is thin and should come out easy with light pressure.)

Now, if you have doodled swirls all your life like i have,
then the design of the tattoo should come pretty easy. 

But if this might be a challenge for you 
then i found you a place where you can get some > stencils <
Also if you are totally not up for doing it your self 
i found you a solution as well >instant-henna-tattoos<.
 You're welcome! :o]

Note: To correct a mess-up,  roll your wet paper-towel to have a pointy tip 
and wipe immediately because the color stains real fast!

Mine was coming along nicely at first.

Right about here is where i realized that i have used up all the swirls possible 
and started to panic a little. haha!

But i always figure out a way to keep going, so i made another swirl 
and a dot and another swirl and another and before you knew it i was all done!

When you come to your stopping point you will need to let the henna dry completely. 
Note: Do not use the hair dryer to help it dry faster 
as this will take away from the natural development of the color do to moisture in the henna.

While your henna is drying you can seal your cone so it doesn't dry out.
That way you can use it again and again.
You can either tape the tip shut or you can use a sewing-pin to seal it.
(shove the whole thing into the exit hole)

After the henna is completely dry and flaky-looking, you will wrap your tattooed body part 
with plastic-wrap to protect it from snagging or flaking off.
(You are wrapping it because you will need to let the henna stay on for a few hours.)
Some people choose to let henna stay on over night for a better darker color.
I however don't have the patience to wait that long 
so i held mine on for 3 hours and it was enough for me! :)
You can either chip/rub the dry henna off (i heard that it is better for preserving the color) or wash it off, as i did.
Note: the color will continue to darken even after the henna is completely washed off.

Well, I hope you really enjoy showing off your fancy tattoo!
I know i will!!


Thanks for stopping by!! 



  1. i have never thought to use a straight pin to preserve leftovers in a tube. thank you lol!

    new follower!

  2. My dear Inna...you are so creative! What an artist...sooo talented. Bet you could make some $$$ doing those at Biker Rallys and festivals! I will be your first customer, I want one!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend. xo Mary Beth.

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  4. Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up on the pre-mixed cones: most contain PPD which is illegal for use on skin and VERY dangerous.
    If you want to get into doing henna, I'd suggest getting supplies from www.hennacaravan.com. I've been a professional body artist for 10 years and have found those pre-mixed things to be nothing but trouble! For more info on the dangerous of premixed cones and PPD, you can visit www.hennapage.com. Or send me an email! doodleonyoo@gmail.com

    Christine, owner Faketoos.com and Doodleonyoo.com

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