Baby! :)

How amazing amazing amazing is this!?? My sweetie-heart and I are going to have our selves a baby in 231 days! That's not that long at all!!

Not to worry, I've been mentally and emotionally preparing for almost 2 years now! It's just that the actual decision to MAKE A HUMAN was a bit overwhelming at times, so we kept procrastinating until this early Summer, or a bit earlier, something changed for both of us and we decided on a 2013 baby. The original plan was to make a baby in 2013. Knowing that and living with it for a few months, we asked our selves why we decided on 2013? Why not make a baby NOW!?
Conveniently "now" was my day of ovulation, which I knew of, because I studied my cycle rhythm via the book I SWEAR BY.
I was still popping my daily BC pill meanwhile feeling like a bloated, angry, numb cow... yep, that pretty much says it right. I hated the way BC made me feel and the fact that one of the functions of BC was to flush out an inseminated, started life, was a big conviction to me. I had to find another way that was reliable.
I heard of the Natural Family Planning Method from a few friends, and doubted it. But I've heard of the book - Taking Charge Of Your Fertility from my sisters-in-law, who both have been using the method successfully for several years at that time.
Of course I didn't believe them... but I was desperate not to be a mama yet, so I decided to get the book anyway and try the method on my self and then see if they were exaggerating or not. My fear of getting pregnant made me super stickler and careful to do all that the book required and I filled out my tracker like my life counted on it.
Some of my friends booed my decision of doing it the natural way and that put more pressure on me making sure to keep my self accountable to pay attention to all 3 indicators and study my body. It was even scarier and more nerve-wracking after I visited my "Lady Doctor" and told her I was off BC and decided to do it the Natural Family Planning way. She smirked at my decision and said everyone she knew that did it had a baby that year. Yea, ...but why would she support NFP when it will take my dependability off of her prescription pad? Anyway...
Well it's been a little more than 6 years of the Natural Birth Control, and only ONE try at making a baby! Suck an egg "Lady Doctor"! It works! like a perfectly oiled machine!!
I also knew I was pregnant a week before I got the home pregnancy test and all thanks to Toni Weschler's book. Get it!!
I purchased mine 6 years ago, and it came with a tutorial CD and this website > http://www.tcoyf.com <  that was a big help during my paranoia.

Well, i'm off to stuff my never ending pit of hunger and then a nap! Aaaah the sacrifice...



  1. awesome thank you for sharing Inna! I went to goodwill outlet the other day and came across two pregnancy books......it's always in the back of my mind and voila there they were. Most popular being, What to expect when your expecting :) I should give that to you!!! I will for sure check out your recommendation.

    1. Do check out that book. You will be glad you did!
      I actually don't need What To Expect book. A friend of mine gave me hers already. Thanks! :)

  2. Congrats again! You will be wonderful parents! :)

  3. Congratulations, you two look so cute together! <3 xx

  4. Awesome, congratulations! That's wonderful. :>


  5. Alyssa BeardJuly 16, 2012

    Glad that this worked for you. I believe BC pills are causing a lot of problems for women (including myself.) They completely messed up my system so I finally got off of them about two years before we had our first... haven't been on since and don't want to! At my six week postpartum visit they were already trying to get me to go back on BC pills (and EVERY Dr I've seen since has tried to put me on them!) They, too, would laugh and say "you'll end up pregnant again!" (It's been 21 months and still no pregnancy.) I wanted to do this method but unfortunately have PCOS, so my cycle was never regular or predictable. But we were very fortunate to finally get pregnant. We are hoping for baby number two soon. You will LOVE being a mommy and I know you will be a wonderful one. :o)

  6. So excited for you both. You will make great parents.

  7. Congratulations again Inochka,u will be an AMAZING mommy,always planning,always preparing.Even though I have 6,I always learn from u-just from little conversations! LOVE you..

  8. Congrats, Inna! I am so overfilled with joy for you! :)



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