Hey guys!
It's been a while!
I've been enjoying the warm weather and doing a whole lot of relaxing and mingling with friends. But I've also been working on new accessories! You can come see the new items -->here<--
This time I have leather collars and necklaces and even a few new rings up there! So stop by! :)

Have you guys noticed that as soon as warm weather hits, your appetite changes?
Mine sure does! In the winter I crave comfort foods: thick hardy stews, mashed potatoes, pastas, but in the summer I have a constant craving for fruits and veggies, more veggies then fruits though.
I crave the freshness and the amazing ripe smell of tomatoes, the crunchiness of carrots and cucumbers, the nuttiness of avocados and the aroma of fresh spices. HEAVEN!

Today I whipped up a little recipe that includes pretty much all of my favorite veggies!

This is a fresh, super healthy, raw, chilled, summery soup that is bursting with flavors and goodness!

This is a real simple recipe that will take you no more than 10 minutes to prepare.
Serves 2


3 Tomatoes (medium)
1/2 Cucumber (long)
4 Carrots (medium)
1/2 Avocado
1 Small Garlic Clove (pressed or minced)
1 Tsp Onion (minced)
1 Tbsp Dill (4 stems of fresh dill)
1 pinch of pepper

(that's right! NO SALT!)


Dice your cucumber, carrots and avocado into small bite size pieces and put them aside into a large bowl or in my case a little pot.
(I'm not sure why I used a pot...probably out of habit. Soup = pot...go figure)

Mince your garlic clove and a little bit of onion (just one teaspoon is enough, you don't want onion breath! haha!) and if you have a fresh batch of dill, dice that up as well and throw it all into the same pot and stir the ingredients around.

Next cut up your tomatoes, throw then into the blender and puree them.

Since my dill came in a spice tube I added a tablespoon of it into the tomato puree and blended it in while still in the blender.

That's all! You're done!
Now you're ready to serve!
Told you, this recipe won't take you any more then 10 min to prep!

Pour your tomato puree base into the bowl/pot of veggies and stir it.

Scoop a ladle full of the soup into a soup bowl and enjoy the fresh, tasty, goodness!




  1. Ina this is awesome! I just came off a juice cleanse and was looking for some good raw recipes to ease back into regular eating...although this looks so good it will become regular eating :)



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