DIY Dessert & Cake Stands

Hello love bugs!
It's Summer! And it's wedding season!!
You've probably already attended at least one wedding so far and like me, got to see some of the most festive and creative wedding decor, tasted some of the yummiest treats and probably got very inspired to be real creative for your own party/get-together that you will surely find a reason to throw this summer!
Well, if that's the case then you will probably enjoy eyeballing this blog! <( o ) >  < ( o ) >

The above picture is from Sweet and Saucy Supply, they have such gorgeous party supplies. They also have all kinds of amazing treats in their Sweet and Saucy Shop to fill your guests! Check them out!

If like me, you are on a budget for your party, (and who isn't??) then I have a DIY project for you!
We will make beautiful, romantic Dessert Stands out of some used plates and candle holders!
This DIY project will save you a whole lot of dollars and will bring you bundles of satisfaction and a reason to brag to your friends about your super crafty self! :D

Things you need to assemble these:

Glass or Ceramic Plates
Glass or Ceramic Candle Holders
Sand Paper
Epoxy Adhesive
Masking Tape
(click to see pictures of products)
Note: You will also need some tooth-picks (or we used q-tips) to mix the Epoxy Glue with
and a plastic cup or plate to mix the mixture in. You should use items you are willing to throw away afterwards.

The random plates and candle holders were purchased at a thrift store. The rest of the supplies you can pick up at any craft or hardware store.

Start by cleaning your plates and candle holders and make sure to dry them thoroughly.

1.) You will sand the bottom of the plate, just the bottom center of the plate that you will be attaching your candle holder to. This will create a porous surface that will help the glue attach better.

2.) You will also sand the top rim of the candle holder.
The candle holder in the picture had a color coating on it that needed to be thoroughly sanded off at the rim.
The first time we didn't do a good job of sanding this one and it popped right off. So if the plate or candle holder have some kind of a color coating on them, sand it real good.

3.) Next you will adhere the two pieces together.

The best glue option for this project is the Quick Setting Super Glue Epoxy Adhesive. The great thing about this glue is that it is clear, strong and sets in 5 minutes but the bad thing about it is it comes as a double barrel syringe which could be a little difficult to push at times and you really need the exact equal amounts of both substances to come out and then you need to mix the two substances together thoroughly so they end up adhering and drying properly. So that could require preciseness and concentration.

You will use about a coin dollar size amount of glue per dessert stand. Remember it sets in 5 minutes after mixing, so work fast.

Make sure your plate is laying upside down and is sanded and ready for the candle holder.

After mixing the two epoxy substances together, quickly pile on the mixture all around the candle holder rim and adhere it to the plate while the plate is laying flat against an even surface. Then, use your left over mixture and apply it around the seem between candle holder and plate for extra durability.

4.)Next tape the candle holder to the plate with masking tape and set aside to dry with dessert tray remaining upside down on an even surface.

Just to be extra careful we let the dessert trays dry over night, though the ones I checked 5 minutes later were totally set and ready for use!

My DIY Dessert Stands were pretty basic and simple but you can get way more creative by selecting colorful plates or unique candle holders. You can use vases, cups, or glasses instead of candle holders. You can use bowls instead of plates and make your dessert stands tiered!

Here are some of my favorite DIY Dessert Stand ideas from other blogs.

This one can be purchased from Trudy10

And my favorite one is from A Beach Cottage


  1. OMG are beautiful!! , is a wonderful idea

  2. Now I have to plan a party in order to have an excuse to make some of these :)

    1. i know!! And then keep having parties to show them off! :)

  3. I am glad that I can touch your heart and soul!!!

  4. What beautiful cake stands! I love the variety. I created one painted and one unpainted. http://www.decorellaknox.com/2012/09/easy-diy-glass-cake-stand.html


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