**GIVEAWAY** + an accessory DIY.

Hello my Dear Demures!
The other day I had a GREAT IDEA!


To show my gratitude and appreciation to my followers I want to give something away from my ~>Etsy Shop<~. But I want you TO WANT the item, so that's why I thought I should let you guys give me your suggestions on what item I should give away!

So, browse my ~>Etsy Store<~, pick an item and leave me a comment with your suggestion here, or on my DearDemure Facebook, or anywhere else you are following me. Then I will see what item was most desired and on Monday of next week I will get the drawing going.

I mean... who doesn't like a GIVEAWAY? Especially if you get to pick the item! :)

In other news.... 

I had myself a little DIY project earlier today.

I had this shirt for a little over 2 years. Got it at Walmart one night while shopping for groceries. It was pretty, on sale - $5, and I saw potential in it...

But, no matter how I tried to accessorize it, tuck it in, wear it under, or wear it over, it just never looked quite right.

Well, today I had enough of its shenanigans and put scissors to it, and chopped that collar right off.

I cut it right under the seem making sure to include a button on it. That way I would be able to button it right up and not have to mess with any more sewing or fixing.

And here it is!
My cut-off collar!

I tied a lace ribbon around the fold of the collar and folded the collar over it, threw on some pearly beads and BAM! A new accessory!

A shirt that could have been a complete waste of money has redeemed itself!




  1. I LOVE the 'Beautiful 90s Crinkled Sleeveless Cobalt Blue Floral Babydoll Dress' !

  2. Peter Pan Collar, the gold collar, and the cape is absolutely stunning! <3

  3. All your stuff is so cute! I'm loving the creativity! :)

    I personally really like the Metallic Silver Threading Crocheted Lace Cuff Bracelet you have. It looks so small and dainty! I think it would match amazingly with any outfit!

  4. I like the Metallic Silver Threading Crocheted Lace Cuff Bracelet too. :)

  5. Great DIY!

  6. Wow, the blouse looks awesome, you got such a great talent! I love that you're so creative! And by the way... your eyes are stunning, what a beautiful shot of you! Your blog is great, keep going! Feel free to check out mine ;) xo from NYC

  7. I am in love love love with your collar necklaces!!!



  8. I LOVE everything in your shop! It's a tie for me with the Crocheted cuff bracelet and the sky blue & acorn necklace!

  9. I think I'm going to vote for either of the cuff bracelets (the silver or the gold!), but I adore the little vintage button wallet too. Everything you make is adorable. What I'd really love to have though, is that precious little button bracelet you are wearing in the photo with the two cuff bracelets! So pretty, Inna!

    1. aw yea, that little guy got sold right away..
      But, i will make one more then! (or a few more)

  10. I like the Little Acorn & Charm Necklace. so cute


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