French-Braid By Your Self!

Do you remember when your mom used to do your hair for school? I sure do!!
Mostly because of that subtle pain at the hair follicles do to how tight my hair was braided. Haha!
No matter how much effort my mom put into making that braid perfect and snug, by the time i would be on my way home from school, it would be barely hanging on by the last strand of hair.
I'd like to think that it was because i was a "tomboy" then.

Growing up as a Russian school girl, I had to maintain a tradition of braids and bows.
And at that time, to every Russian girl, her braids were her pride
At some point the traditional bows even became a competition 
of who can have the biggest, "larger than life", bow on their head.
I, too, partook in that tradition, though my bows never reached the heights 
of the most popular girls in class and my braids never reached the lengths either.
(this is my 2nd grade class and i'm in the very center of the first row with the smallest bow)

I remember dreaming and even obsessing about long hair then, 
measuring my braid almost on a daily basis. 
The goal was to grow it out to where it would finally reach my waist.
Still working on that goal to this day... :-\
I guess it's time to admit that i didn't get that luscious, "hair-growth-gene".
Nevertheless! I work with what i have! And so can you!

Here is my new hair inspiration for you!
It is a Messy Side-French-Braid.
It's easier to braid than a normal French Braid, because it is usually 
on the back on your head and requires a team of people to get it on there. 
This one is simpler and trendier!!! Win win!

And here is a video tutorial to help you do it your self.

Note: I did curl my hair prior to getting started but that is not required. 
The trick is to keep the braid loose versus tight.

And show it off!!



  1. Just watched the video while babysitting a little 2 year old boy.
    "Dat Jojo?" He asks as he sees the video.
    "No, her name is Inna." I said.
    "Inna? Inna Jojo." translation "It's not? It's not Jojo."
    hahaha he sort of understood. I thought it was cute.

    BTW I look forward to trying this style with my hair. :)

  2. that is so cute!!! im trying it tomorrow :)

  3. That's pretty darn cool Inna! It still looks really hard for me though. But I'll give it a shot.

    1. Did it work for you Lainey??
      It seems harder than it is. I'm sure even if it's supper messy it will still look AMAZING!

  4. i love the way the side braid looks on you. so cute... i recently been doing the french braid across the back of my head over to one side (kinda the hunger games look-haha) and its cute... its just painful to get my arms to work like that..
    i am definitely going to try this.. love it..
    also, just looked at your shop... totally cute and fab stuff!!
    (any chance you'd be interersted in being a part of a giveaway im doing in the next month??) just a little 200+ GFC follower party =) not quite there yet, but hoping to be in the next week or 2 !!


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